Hello, there. My name’s Shannon and I’m twenty-five. I’d really love to give this a shot as I’ve been feeling the itch as it were to meet some new people. I love learning about other people, and I love just being able to chat whenever!

A little about me: I’m a giant nerd baby. I love reading and I manga/comicbooks. I love fandoms and just I guess pretty much anything you’d use tumblr for. Favorites include: One Punch Man, Inuyasha (it was my first, I can’t quit it!), Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Monster. I’m always in the market for new manga though! I prefer josei or seinen usually but there’s always a shonen manga that will make me add it as well. Like OPM. I absolutely love it. For comics…I’m pretty much firmly in the marvel base. I’ve mainly only seen the movies but I’ve read a few comics here and there! I have some mad love for Harley and Poison Ivy though on the DC spectrum.

If we both like to read we can share goodreads! Or we can just make a list of what we both like and trade!

I love mythology. Like absolutely love it. I admit that I’m not as versed in other countries’ mythlore as I could be. My heart lies with Norse mythology although I know a bit about Greek mythology, but then again who doesn’t? I love more than the gods of course! Nymphs and mermaids, pretty much any water creature has my adoration. Kelpies are pretty amazing, honestly! Though they might be a tad ‘creepy’ for most.

I love words, whether it be stories or poetry! I’m not a poet but I used to write original stories. Well, I rped them anyway! Now, however…life often gets in the way! If you write poetry you’re automatically a thousand times cooler to me! Or if you write song lyrics! If you do anything with music really! I’ve always had a dream to do something with music but unfortunately…I am not musically inclined 🙁

Animals, I love animals! I think I may go back to school to be a vet assistant honestly! It makes me really annoyed that the place I live at now doesn’t allow pets :c

That’s a little about me, I can’t wait to learn about you!

contact: sparklingruins@gmail.com

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