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Name: Fara
Age: 24
Location: Germany

Diagnosis: I have never been to a doctor to talk about this. Self-claimed depression, self-harming, social anxiety, suicidal.

Interest/Hobbies: I like arts, poetry and music but I don’t have the talent to do any of those.

Music: When I am sad/down/mentally unstable, I prefer rock music or something that really fit into my soul at that moment. When I’m on my normal mode, I just listen to any genre but I’m not up to date with today’s music.

TV Shows/Movies: I watch pretty much everything. But I’m not really a TV Series fan because I usually can’t keep up to wait for the episodes.

What you are looking for in a penpal?
I’m looking for anybody who is willing to be my friend, a good listener, not judgemental and also willing to share their stories with me. I’m a good listener myself too.

My story: I’m a Malaysian who is currently studying (unwillingly) engineering in Germany. I can speak English and Malay but my German never improved (so if there are any German penpal here who can help me with my depression and language that would be great). Since I’m in Germany, I have so little friend and nobody seems to understand my current dealing with my depression. I would blame my childhood memories for making me like this. Also I suffer from middle child syndrome. I have eating disorder but I don’t think I’m anorexic, but I’m very thin since ever.


We can contact via email, Whatsapp, or Skype.


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