Seeking a friend


Name: Sarah

Age: 21

Location: USA

Diagnosis: Depression, PTSD, Bullemia, Anorexia

Interests: I really love the mountains and going for hikes with my pup, Indiana Jones.  I also love binge watching Netlfix and fiddling on the guitar.  This section is a bit difficult for me because I use to enjoy a lot but I cant think of a lot of things that I like to do right now.

Music: Anything Folky, British, or Indie Rock/Pop. Think Fleetwood Mac (STEVIE), The Kooks, Tracy Chapman, Florence and The Machine, Zella Day, Frank Turner, Jonsí, and oh so much more.

TV Shows: 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Law and Order SVU, Doctor Who, Psych, The Blacklist

I am looking for someone who I can talk to (and who can relate) about what I’m experiencing/feeling. I’m currently struggling mostly with my Eating Disorder behaviors, and could really use some support to stay on my meal plan, or to even attempt it…

I love snail mail, but would prefer to email the first few times just for safety’s sake. Or you can DM me!!

I hope to hear from you soon 🙂


Tumblr: highfiveamillionangels

One thought on “Seeking a friend

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Biniyam, I’m from Ethiopia and I’m 27years old.

    Books and tv-series are my passion and I’m a huge coffee lover, spending many evenings in a café reading a book. I do some sports and work besides school, in fact I am graduated. I love to communicate with people. The Neighbourhood, Green Day, Simple Plan and Coldplay are some of my favourite bands, but there are plenty of other great bans as well.

    I don’t like superficial and intolerant people. I really hate spiders, probably because when I was five, my big brother chased me with spiders that he caught just for that reason.

    I could snail mail, e-mail , it really doesn’t matter. I’d prefer to write with anyone from all around the world. You can contact me about anything, concerning problems around the world or your personal problems, I am a good listener. feel free to contact me, that would only make me happy.

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