Hi! I already have some lovely and great pen pals, but I always love getting more and meeting new people!

What I’m looking for:

  • I would prefer someone over the age of 17, gender doesn’t matter
  • Whether from the US or from somewhere else around the world is fine!
  • Maybe a texting buddy/tumblr buddy would be cool too!
  • I don’t really do much email, so snail mail or instant messaging is preferred

About Me:

  • I’m currently a college student, in my third semester to be more exact
  • I do karate, which I love to pieces
  • I’m absolutely obsessed with dogs, and just cute animals overall
    • Some things that I love include chocolate, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Tangled, Community, Gone Girl, Silver Lining Playbook, Harry Potter, writing, poetry, the Moon, and flowers along with their meanings
  • I honestly seriously do love meeting new people, so please don’t be shy and shoot me a message!

You can contact me through my Tumblr
my kik @ChocolateCristian
or my email Cristianjocelyn22 @ gmail. com

Have a lovely day! 

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