Penpals, 21+


Name: Frida
Age: 23
Location: England

Email address: heylluvy @ gmail . com

Hello everyone! My name is Frida, as you can see. I’m Swedish, but I’m living and working in the UK, so I speak Swedish and English fluently.

  • I’m looking for females around my own age (23), with similar interests and dislikes.
  • Preferably from the continents of Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America or Africa.
  • I like to send colourful letters and mail tags so it would be brilliant if you’re into that as well!

My hobbies/interests: Analogue photography <3, snail mail (obviously), travelling, reading, animals, feminism, binge-watching TV-shows, eating, going for walks in nature and spending time with people I like. Although I prefer animals to people in most cases.

Dislikes: Sexism, racism and other types of bigotry and unfairness, kids (yes, I know it’s contradictory to my other beliefs), people who stop writing after 1-2 letters etc.

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