Hey there! My name is Kendra & I am 22 (almost 23) years old. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I am interested in finding some new pen pals. I have one, but I’m only working part time right now so I thought adding another one or two might be something fun to add into the mix. 

I enjoy reading (girly) books, hanging out with my friends and family. I have two dogs that I adore. I am definitely an animal person! I also really enjoy DIY projects and crafting. I like to cook, clean, and I also love photography. Photography is definitely one of my passions. I also enjoy working with children. I went to college for Early Childhood Education. 

I am looking for a fun person to correspond with and write to. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Contact – lifeslittlemoments @

Ps, It’s hard talking about yourself in a penpal ad! Hahah

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