Hi, my name is Aaron im from Pennsylvania, United States. Iv never had any type of pen pal, but i really like writing letters lately and would love to get some things in the mail that are not political adds. I find it comforting that people can still take the time to sit down and send out personal letters. I spend my time playing in bands around the tri state area and small east coast tours, i used to send someone postcards from the places that i had played but sadly that person is no longer with me. Im 26 and i find my self to be more of and old soul, not really big on technology or social media, other then a Instagram this is all i have. I like my records and i dont really watch tv that much, so i have some free time. 

I’d prefer people aged 18-28 and either male or female pen-pals would be great But, Id love to hear from someone from another country, sadly growing up in rural US my im not fluent in many languages but bare with me ha.  Anyone is welcome! I will get back to you as soon as I can!

I love my records and would much rather by them then CD’s or a t-shirt at a show. Not trying to be the ironic hipster, i just feel that there is way more responsibility when you play a record because i actually have to sit there and listen to the music until you have to flip it. I love reading and when im not at a show or fixing some type of instrument Im drawing or reading in my room. 

cant wait to hear from some of you. 

Aaron 🙂



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