Hey babes

My name is Scarlett (you can call me scar) I’m 18 and I live in the US.

I’ve submitted here before and met some pretty rad people, but sadly they have stopped writing to me. So I’m back and I’m looking for someone who is wiling to stay!

Some things to know about me is that I’m a very outgoing and very odd being lol. I like nature and artsy things. I am open to any types of music. I am also and feminist and I am all for equality for everyone.

My hobbies include hooping, crafting, painting, watching the stars, traveling, going on adventures and eating.

Feel free to contact me through email or kik if you’d like to get to know me a little more. Anyone is welcome. Can’t wait to hear from all you gods and goddess. Have a positive day!

Kik: scarbearbish

Email: scarbearvonradke@gmail.com

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