Snail mail + long lasting friendship?


As there is no need to lie from the beginning of a great friendship (hopefully), I’ll say that I have a tendency to become a bit narcissistic, obnoxious and temperamental (sometimes). I’ve been told that I trust people way too much (well, I don’t believe that as I think of myself as a tad cynical), that I’m too honest and that I’m quite stubborn. And once I ‘m comfortable with you, you’ll realize that I am a lot more sarcastic than I seem to appear. I am an open minded, fun-loving, lazy procrastinator and I guess I am more of a listener as I prefer listening to people and observing them. Forgot the most important bits: I just became 19 a few months ago and 6’1 tall.

I love reading absolutely anything that piques my interest (novels, short stories, comics, newspapers, magazines, even children’s stories), and I love listening to music which makes me have goosebumps and my insides go all chilly and cold (but I don’t know to play any musical instrument). I love sports of all sorts, I love gaming and watching TV series and movies (action, adventure, comedy, thriller, horror, you name it!), and I really love horses, dogs and pups although I don’t have any pets. I love people who act like retards just to make their loved ones laugh their heads off. Laughing with my friends for some random nonsense until we are physically in pain is one of my favourite things to do. Perhaps it sounds a bit weird, but that’s one of the best feelings for me in this world. I have a passion for astronomy, UFO, reading and writing stuff, pranking and music. I also love almost everything that has to do with theater. I love deep conversations about random stuff and don’t mind me if I talk of something so random suddenly. 

I keep a diary too, and it is a great way to express your emotions on paper and treasure experiences. Last year I started donating blood, and I’m gonna help save lives as much as I can. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’m a pyromaniac. But I’ve never (and I never will) set fire to other people’s property (if that’s what you are worried about), just because I enjoy the amazing sight of flames. I just light up a matchstick or a candle and just gaze at its burning beauty. Weird, I know, but it’s the fourth state of matter! To sum it all up, I’m a chocoholic, pluviophile, melomaniac, bookworm, petrolhead and an adrenaline junkie. ! And also, I am a die-hard fan of Skulduggery Pleasant, Naruto, Michael Jackson, Evanescence, Marvel Comics, Spider Man, Calvin and Hobbes, Scooby Doo, X Files, Jimmy Neutron, Woody Woodpecker and Sherlock Holmes too by the way! 

My kind of pen pal : 

The reason I came into pen palling is to find a friend who cherishes a long lasting friendship. I am really not here to waste my and your time for those “few weeks” friendships which will end in three or four emails/letters. You should be fun loving, honest (brutally honest is fine), understanding, genuine and I really don’t mind weird. Anyone in the following age range (15-19) is welcome to send me an email, so I could get to know you. I’d prefer pen pals from literally anywhere. I couldn’t care less if you were an alien from Mars or the Moon. Oh, and I don’t like and I don’t support the inappropriate stuff some teenagers are into these days like drugs and sex, so if you are you into those stuff, you seriously need to learn a lot about life and please don’t expect me to respond. But to be my pen pal you don’t have to share the same interests I do, or see the world and life around us the same way I do. If you feel like writing me an email, go ahead! If I end up like giving my address to you, that probably means I am interested in you. I really like writing long letters and enjoy reading letters sent to me from another corner of the world. So naturally, I prefer Snail Mail to email because it’s just magical! And I actually WILL REPLY to those who are interested in SNAIL MAIL AND SNAIL MAIL ONLY. It would be great if you could state SNAIL MAIL in the subject of your email. Want to clarify your doubts about anything I’ve said here? Want the address? Feel free to email me! 

And whether you email me or not, have a nice day! 

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