Hey future pen pals


Hey there, I’m Claudia I’m 17 and I’m looking for a friend or friends who I can talk to everyday, and be able to talk about anything and cheer up each other whenever we feel the need.
I had some internet friends before but we stopped talking and that was just so sad.
Some things I like:
MUSIC: TØP♡, Lorde, Paramore, ACDC, RHCP, Sia, Lady Gaga, MCR, and more.
BOOKS: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, horror stories, The shininig.
MOVIES: Star Wars, Iron Man, Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes.
I would like to talk with between 17-19 but it doesn’t really matter if you’re younger or older.
Your religion, gender, sexual orientation and where are you from doesn’t matter to me.
I just want to talk with someone kind and respectful.
Send me an IM to my tumblr definitely-not-a-muggle99

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