Seeking Penpal!


Name: Madison

Age: 18

Location: Southern United States

Gender: Female

Language: English (and a tiny bit of Russian but not enough to really hold a conversation with haha)

Interests: You can pretty much look through my blog to see, but for the most part I love BTS, music, humor, and being a part of the LGBT+ community. I love learning about different cultures and types of music.

What I’m Looking For: I’ve never done anything with Snail Mail and I think that would be the cutest thing to try! I also think it would be really cool to be pals with someone from another country, but don’t fret if you’re from the U.S. I’m open to any location. I’d prefer my penpal to be at least older than 15.

Contact: Please PM me on my blog (fragilepandaman) or send me an ask! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and we can take it from there! Please tell me a little bit about yourself in the message so we have something to start off on.

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