Pen Pal S.O.S


Hey, I’m Salome x

My Father may or may not have been a Shaolin Monk. 
- In A Cave, On A Mountain 
- Wonderwoman in my free time. 
- Xena: Warrior Princess when I’m busy.

  • I’m 19, from London but studying in Scotland for University. 
  • I study Psychology. 
  • I enjoy singing ..a lot. Annoyingly a lot I’ve come to realise. 
  • I love all things psychology and philosophy. 
  • Reading is one of my favourite things. Mostly fiction (psychological thrillers, dystopian, espionage = few of my favourite genres) but I’m trying to branch out into more nonfiction. 
  • I’m also a cheerleader and avid chess player. Two of the three very important C’s; the third being Cheese of course. 
  • Love to explore and would like to do it more.

I don’t really have a “people preference” except age wise (same age group as me +/- 2 or 3). But if you think anything I’ve said matches with you then message me. Even if you don’t and you’re still interested that’s cool too I guess.

Also don’t care if you’re blue and from the planet crystalopia. I’m in love with a man with two hearts so… (Please tell me you got that reference – you can mention it in your reply if you do).

Friend, Supporter, Pen Pal etc …
I’m your gal 
- – – – – – – – – – 

Keep Shining & Winning 
- Salome xo

Contact Me: MalicaJ @ hotmail.

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