Hey everyone, I’m Shailyn! I’m 17 and I live in Maine, I used to have a bunch of penpals but I kind of fell out of it and really would love to get back into it and find some new penpals to be friends with and send letters to!

My interests/stuff I like: I’m a huge fan of Marvel, especially Captain America! Youtube is also a huge part of my life and my favorite youtubers are LeafyisHere, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Shane Dawson, idubbbz, and jacksfilms..but I watch a lot more! Also I love music, my favorite band is All Time Low, and my other favorite music artists are blink 182, gnash, Witt Lowry, twenty one pilots, Melanie Martinez, and Saywecanfly. For tv shows I love Greys Anatomy, OITNB, Stranger Things, Parks and Rec, Sherlock. A couple of my favorite movies are 13 Going on 30 and Final Destination 3. I am really into horror movies and horror stuff in general! I also love books and reading.

I hope to find someone, or multiple people, who want to be penpals and send letters! I’m not looking for an email penpal btw. Gender and location doesn’t matter for me, just be within ages 14-21 is all I ask! I am LGBT+ friendly and am open to talking to anyone really as long your in the age range!

So yeah, I look forward to finding new penpals! You can message me anytime on my blog @septicgrump c:

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