Hey, my name is Summer. I’m 27 and from Oklahoma. I am looking for snail mail pen pals. I don’t want to say too much about myself on here but there are some things you should know right off.

I suffer from depression. I have long periods of time where I am very down, and then periods where I am pretty happy. It is important to me to have someone to write to who understands and doesn’t make me feel like my feelings don’t matter and who won’t judge me during the times when my letters aren’t very happy.
I have a boyfriend so I’m not looking for anything other than friends, bit I am open to writing to males and females.
I love love love dogs. I have 4. You will probably hear a lot about them.
I have one son, but he was stillborn. You will hear about him too and if that makes you uncomfortable then we are not good pen pal matches.

You can reach me on my Tumblr: sumbird

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