( ( ( Looking for Pen Pal! ) ) )


-Name is Emily
-Age is 16 but turning 17 very soon!
-I am Female.
-I unfortunately only speak English.
-I am located in the United States, In the great Washington!
-Looking for a long lasting friendship through either email or snail mail:) Not looking to get an intimate relationship out of it.
-My hobbies and interested consist of many, many… Many things. To sum me up, I like adventure, I love being outside and camping also admiring lakes and rivers.
-I am an artist by some standards I suppose. I’m pretty self conscious about my art but a lot of people like it so that probably says something about it.
-I’m very into any good TV show, wether it be a cartoon or Sifi series. I love both genres. Favorite cartoons are: Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Bee and puppy cat along with Amazing World of Gumball. Favorite action TV shows are, Sherlock, Doctor Who (Mostly just 9th doctor through 11th, am not caught up) and of course The Walking Dead. Love them too much.
-I’d like to think I’m a somewhat humorous person. It makes me happy to see people smile and make them smile, it’s what fuels me to take in the day and get me through it. So if you’re funny and crack jokes and some sarcasm then we’ll get along nicely:)
-My dislikes are pretty limited but straight forwards. I don’t enjoy talking about politics. People with bad hateful vibes aren’t my favorite people in the world. Racism is a big dislike. Ah, yes, I also don’t like moths. They’re creepy.
-What I’m looking for in a pen pal is someone who just very genuine and kind and someone who is able to consistently write back and forth. Also only looking for a FEMALE pen pal. Any age bellow thirties works for me, younger or older I’m sure I will enjoy talking to your either way:) I have no preference in the region you live in! Anywhere you are I will most definitely accept:) Also! It would be super cool if we could exchange pictures and such, I’m really into visual things:D so leafs, writing bits of poetry, pictures of you, pictures of places, little cute things-any of that would be totally awesome:)

(((Ways to contact me)))
-Mainly just my Tumblr account. Definitely best way to contact me:) —> Foxtrot337

I hope to hear from whoever is interested very soon! Thank you:)

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