Name: Andromeda

Age: 20

Gender: Agender

Language: English (hoping to learn spanish)

Location: USA

Interests & Hobbies: reading, writing, video games, hiking, puzzles

Likes: Overwatch, Fallout, nature, animals, fantasy, stories, youtube

Dislikes: getting political, rudeness, homophobia, racists 

What I wish for in a penpal: Anything! If you want to trade writing, let’s do it! If you want to roleplay some fantasy setting, I’m down for it. Tell me absolutely anything, from stories about fifth grade or how many cute dogs you saw last week. I’m looking for long letters, and someone who will write regularly. Only looking to exchange snailmail. 

How to contact me:, leave me an ask about who you are and I’m sure we can work something out

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