Hi there. 

My name is Destiny, and I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania. I am 18 years old.

I’m actually looking for both pen pals and snail mail buddies. I like the idea of connecting and getting to know people around the world, whether it be through email or sending letters. I actually do prefer but I’m not going to just ask for them, is snail mail. I think the idea of getting to put creativity into something and sending it shows both creativity and how committed someone is to showing someone how they want to get to know them. Hope that made sense.

But going along with the idea of snail mail, I think not only sending letters would be fun. Maybe little gifts, or sending things to each other things for Christmas or Birthdays. It’s just a thought though guys. 😛 

I’ll say some information about me:

Like I said I am from Pennsylvania, which is in the US if anyone needs to know. 😛 I can describe myself as being very outgoing and I LOVE anything craft related, I hope to one day receive lots of letters that I can collect and look back on. 

Things I like: Netflix, YouTube, Music, Concerts, The color mint, Hippo’s, Scrap booking, Crafting, Pen Pals, Snail Mail, Pocket Letters, Stickers, Journaling, Sleeping, Shopping, & more! 

If you are wanting to contact me, please message me on Tumblr: 


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