Hi! My name is Charlie, I am 17 and live in England. 

I am mostly interested in finding pen pals to send snail mail with but would happily talk with people just online via tumblr also! Location isn’t an issue but unfortunately I only speak English and would prefer to talk to people between the ages of 15 and 20!

I really like art, animals, books and music. I enjoy horror films, rom coms and many tv series. Music is probably my biggest passion and I could talk about it for hours! I love so much but my favourite genres to listen to are rock/metal/indie/alternative/pop.

It’d be great to find someone with similar interests who wants to share stories about their day and their experiences with me! I’d love to include small gifts, art and detailed, decorated letters in my outgoing snail mail 🙂 

Look forward to hearing from you x

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