Hi! My name is Madi, I’m 16 and I’m from Texas, USA. I’m pansexual and I’m active in the LGBTQ+ community. 

  • I love swimming, reading, writing, music (every genre except country), the internet, skinny jeans and cookies. 
  • I don’t like seafood and bad people (racist, sexist, homophobic).

I’m looking for a snail mail pen pal ages 15 to 17 of any gender, race, sexuality or location. I’d actually like people from all over the world! Must be able to speak English. I’d like to practice my Spanish too, if someone could help me with that.

  • Fun fact about me: I want to learn six languages by the time I graduate college, and I’m already fluent in English, an advanced Spanish speaker and I’m taking French and German in school this year.

Email: madi.ward @ gmail . com
Tumblr (preferred method):

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