Hi there! My name is Manila and I am looking for new penfriends!  I am Italian living in Germany, I am 30 years old young (turning 31 on October 12th).

I am fluent in 6 languages and learning four more languages. I am a translator, currently working as hotel receptionist.

My hobbies are:

  • learning foreign languages
  • cooking/baking
  • going to concerts
  • meeting friends
  • reading books
  • penpaling
  • travelling

What I am looking for:

  • age: 25+
  • gender: female
  • countries: Japan, Ireland, Brazil, Norway, Argentina, The Netherlands, Hungary, Latvia, Canada. Other countries are welcome 🙂
  • Please no more USA and Philippines, because I already have penpals from these lovely countries 🙂
  • handmade letters, exchanging presents, snail mails, postcards.

See you 🙂


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