Hi my names Leeann I’m 19 and I live in California, US!

  • Some things about me: well, I attended a community college and I’m majoring in Natural Science so I can become a vet, I absolutely LOVE animals!
  • I’m a big Disney fan (I’ve seen every Disney movie) my favorite at the moment is Big Hero 6 but my favorite always changes. I love reading books (mostly YA) I love anything by Studio Ghibli! I’m a big romantic and I’m kinda obsessed with chick-flicks! However, I really do like anything horror related. I binge watch shows like there’s no tomorrow (Hulu, Netflix) I’m in too anime and Pokemon.
  • My favorite seasons are fall and winter! I love cold weather and hot tea c:
  • I’m in to nature and I enjoy being outside a lot. I like to find new hiking areas and adventuring to new beaches! I collect small pins that I find adorable/funny and I collect seashells that I find at beaches. I also really enjoy stargazing 🙂

What I’m looking for in a pen pal is to be from the ages 18-25. It doesn’t matter from what country id like to get to know anyone!

I’m mostly interested in snail mail but I’m willing to go email as well. For snail mail I like to sent little things in the letters now and then like cute photos, funny/inspirational quotes, seashells, Polaroid pictures and other small things!

If anyone is interested please message me via tumblr!

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