Hello! My name is LeeAnn and I’m 19 (turning 20 in October) and I live in California, US 🙂

Some things about me: I’m currently in community college and I’m majoring in Natural Science so I can become a veterinarian. I absolutely LOVE animals!

I’m a huge Disney fan and I’ve seen and enjoyed every Disney movie out there. My current favorite is Big Hero 6 but I have many favorites when it comes to Disney. I love binge watching shows, I’m in love with Steven Universe and We Bare Bears, anything from Studio Ghibli, and I’m a big romantic and can’t get enough of chick-flicks. However, I do really enjoy horror movies as well. I’m a big bookworm (mostly YA books), and I’m obsessed with fall and winter!

I love nature and also star gazing! Hiking and going to new beaches is my favorite thing to do.

I’ve liked the idea of having a pen pal so I decided to give it a shot! (Even though my penmanship can be atrocious) I’m open to snail mail or even email. 

My email is leeannnmitchell @ yahoo . Com
or you can contact me via tumblr message! :3

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