Good morning / afternoon / evening world!

So who wants to be my penpal?!


Name: Allie, I am the sunburnt one with the hat on in the picture! (forgive the sunburn, it was a warm day in Ireland, an extremely rare occurrence… I wasn’t prepared)
Age: 20. My birthday is March 27th.
Star Sign: Aries, I am oh so Aries.
Location: the middle of Ireland.
Likes: Game of Thrones, Pokémon, Vampire Weekend, Louis Theroux, animals, travelling, fashion, hiking, photography, learning, painting, journaling, politics, memes, swimming, feminism, storms, Hans Zimmer and plenty more.

Penpal preferences

Age: close enough to my age so 17-25.
Gender: any gender at all.
Location: anywhere in the world!
Type of mail: I would love to email and then maybe send some letters!

How to contact me:
I am also @booradallie on twitter!
My Instagram is @allie.whelan
And my email is!

Please do get in touch I would love some penpals!

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