A wild pen pal has appeared!!


Are you looking for a pen pal who will draw you beautiful pictures and has a sense of humor? Or perhaps one who is (regretfully) part of virtually every fandom you can possibly imagine? THEN YOU HAVE FOUND ME!

Come slide on into these DM’s and we could be best buds. My name is Elise, I’m 18, and I am from the great city of Portland, Oregon (USA). Yes this city is well known for being full of hipsters and artists, so you (yes.. YOU) could be soon receiving some cool art.

T.V. shows: Orange is the New Black, Adventure Time, Sherlock, Steven Universe, Person of Interest, + basically any British or Canadian show

Music: Alternative/ Indie Pop (Broods, Phantogram, Chvrches, Troy Sivan, HAIM, Clean Bandit, SOHN, Tinashe, 5H, Drake)

My ideal snail mail buddy is at least one of the following: over the age of 16, is from a different country, loves art, is somewhat funny, or is meme trash! However, I understand that one don’t always get what one wants so if you like what you see, I’m accepting of all kinds.

email: elisecc1997 @ gmail.com

P.S. I was going to put a picture of myself on here, but where’s the fun in that? Doesn’t some of the fun lie in anonymity and mystery? Come on, you know you want to discover more about whoever is behind this fantastic profile…so let’s just be pen pals already!

P.P.S. Level 17 pokemon go (just in case you needed extra convincing).

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