Stationary and culture exchange


Hey! I’m Kai, 22/m, and I’ve submitted to a few blogs like this in the past but like many others have also unfortunately reported for themselves, most of the people I met during those times randomly stopped replying. 🙁   Why is it so common? I promise that I won’t do that. 

So right now I live in the west coast of the US but I’ve moved around a lot before coming here and in the mid-ish future I hope to experience living somewhere(s) in Europe. I’m learning Norwegian right now and it would be really awesome if I could find someone to practice with, though I like quite a few other languages too, I just haven’t the energy to get to them right now. If you think your country and/or language is cool and want to tell me more about it please feel free to! 

I also collect (mostly Asian style) stationary and I love to share them with people, because what’s the fun in amassing piles of papers and envelopes and never using them? Although I don’t mind receiving “boring” stationary in return at all, it’s just fun to share the things that make me happy, no strings attached hahaha (other than getting a reply of some kind). If you like these things then I can show you lots. 🙂 

Interests-wise I love to read and drink tea and the quiet, simple stuff in life. Learning new things is always a bonus, so documentaries are awesome. I had it pretty rough growing up although I like to think that I’ve come a long way since then, but I’m open to listening and being a support if there’s ever such a need. 

No demographic restrictions. Just be someone who intends on sticking around in the long term 😛 

stonewoodleaf at gmail dot com 

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