Looking for some pen pals! 

Hello, my name is Teressa! I’m 24 years old. Born on a float plane, raised in rural Alaska, US.

Sugpiat/Alaskan Native.

My interests are:

  • Cooking.
  • Fishing/hunting
  • Traditional Subsistence gathering (berries/plants, foods from the beach)
  • Playing video games with my fiance.
  • Loves taking photos.
  • I play the guitar/sing.
  • Love deep conversations about sapce, life, the mind, aliens lol anything really.

Not to sure what I’m looking for in a pen pal yet, I’m kind of a nooob at this. 

I’m very open minded. Let’s be penpals! 🙂 

Feel free to contact me at 🙂
or my email
teressa.muller @ gmail  .  com

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