Hey, what up?! My name is Veronica, i’m 16 turning 17 this December and i’m from the United States (if you want specifics North Carolina)
In my free time (which is every hour of the day since i’m a lazy person) I like to watch movies or tv series, watch YouTubers, take pictures of my cats and sometimes listen to some of my favorite jams!

-Tv Series: Jane The Virgin, Bob’s Burgers, How To Get Away With Murder, The 100, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is The New Black and Parks and Recreation.
-Movies: comedies, disney films, science fiction and action.
-Music: I listen to mainly anything. I will listen to new music that you would like to introduce me. I mainly go for pop music, Today’s Hits kinda music but anything is good.
-I would love to talk about anything and everything. From “What are your plans for the week” to discussing how life works. Literally anything, you have a joke/an embarrassing story/how you felt when you got your first pet anything I’m open to anything.

For my pen pal i’d prefer someone between 15 and 20 years old. Sexuality, race, gender does not matter! I prefer snail mail, emails or post cards rather than chatting through social sites.

You can contact me by
tumblr- @dammitveronica
email- ughveronica@icloud.com

Hope to hear from you!

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