Name: Cori // Age: 17// Location: Nebraska, USA 

Hey there!! I’m looking for a snail mail/ art buddy to send pictures and drawings and letters and playlists to. I’d also love to meet people that are learning other languages so we can practice together (Right now I’m working on Spanish, French, and Japanese, but I’m only really able to speak in Spanish) I’m a little bit paranoid so I’d want to be email buddies for a bit first. I don’t care about gender or sexuality though so come as you are, but please only contact me if you are 15- 19 years old. 

Things I like: 

  • Pretty things (crystals, vintage things, lace, pictures)
  • Art as a whole (painting, drawing, etc)
  • Museums (any kind), libraries, parks, nature 
  • Animals (mostly dogs but also all others)
  • Traveling, learning other languages, meeting new people
  • Reading (My favorite books: I’ll give you the sun, All the light we cannot see, The book Thief, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, & The Great Gatsby, just to name a few) 
  • Music (My favorite artists are: Hozier, the killers, Stromae, Mumford and Sons, the soundtrack to Hamilton, Beyonce but I’m always looking for more artists) 
  • Theater (Peter and the Star Catcher is my all time favorite show)
  • I like a lot of things, chances are that if its a thing I like it

The few things I don’t like: 

  • Bugs 
  • Pain
  • Other people suffering/ hurting other people
  • Sudden loud noises
  • The dentist
  • Homophobic/ sexist/ racist/ transphobic/ mean people

Random fact: I just got back for Europe and it’s literally all I talk about

You can message me on Tumblr or send me an email to get a hold of me.
Tumblr URL:
Email: cordelia.ring @

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