(Yes, I have already submitted something on here, but I felt like doing it again, since I’ve “found out” some things about myself and also felt like including pictures.)
I’m Maya (I don’t spell it like that irl, but I would prefer to spell it like that cx).
I’m from Sweden, 16 years old and [most probably, otherwise simply really interested in the lgbtq+ community] pansexual.
I am a girl, but to me, it doesn’t really matter which pronouns you use, simply use whatever you feel like.

Hm… What more can I write about myself?
Well, I like drawing, photography, reading and watching anime.
My favorite band (ugh, I really don’t like calling them that cx) is Twenty One Pilots.
I guess I listen mostly to alternative genres of music, I can listen to pop and all that, but I wouldn’t choose to myself.
Anything else? Hm, let’s see…
I enjoy talking to people even though I might not be the one to write first, so don’t be afraid to say hi!

I think that’s it.

Message me on
Tumblr: majasfeed
Kik (please tell me this is where you found me cx): majaliq
Twitter (idk why, but whatever cx)(same thing here as with my kik): mayasfeed

I don’t really care where you’re from, I just want to have someone to talk to. c:

Have a nice day/afternoon/night/whatever time it is when you read this! c:

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