Hi. Im an Irish 19 y/o. Im no longer sure what i identify as anymore. I don’t know what i would say my gender is nor my sexuality. Im just confused about everything nowadays. Just looking for some friends or people to talk to.
I like Anime and bands. My favourite band is Breaking Benjamin but i love all types of music from Classical – Swing – Jazz – Indie – J/K Pop – Metal – Rock – Country etc. I have written several unpublished books and poems and i have a fondness for art. I have studied to become an army private or a police officer or a fire fighter i have also studied AS/A Level Psychology, Biology and Business Studies and Chemistry. I used to play sports including Rugby and Gaelic and Hurling. I have taken self defence classes and have hiked and camped up in the mountains. I have also worked with the PSNI in NI.
So if anyone wants to talk or need advice:
KIK – Irishwarlord

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