In need of a PenPal!


Hey there! My name is Torunn-Jesse but you can call me T-J and I’m 17 from California, USA. I’ve submitted here before and I’ve made some good friends but they all kind of just faded away.

My Interests:
Shows- Orange Is The New Black, Teen Wolf, anything horror or documentaries, anything really
Music- All Time Low, Demi Lovato, and a lot more. I’m also open to listening to new music!
Hobbies- sleep, making crafts/DIY stuff, road trips, watching movies, I play a few sports which includes: LaCrosse, basketball, and volleyball. I see myself as boring but I like talking to people about random things or to just talk about life. I’ll try my best to be interesting.

The Perfect Penpal:
prefer ages 16-20 any gender is fine by me. Someone in the USA as well. I don’t plan on traveling out of the country anytime soon and I would love to meet my internet friends pretty soon. Someone who is okay with talking online for a while, then possibly starting snail mail or sending cute packages

If you are interested in my ad, please contact me:
Tumblr:  HawaiianGirl
Twitter and Instagram: hawaiianlover12

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