Hey, I’m Kay!

WELL. I’m 23 years aged, live in the USA (New Jersey, if you want specifics), and looking for a pen pal.

I like so many things, and I’m horrible at summaries, but, uh. I like sports, musicals, reading books, and binge watching TV. I also like travel and kayaking, learning about things I don’t know about, and cooking.

I’m looking for a pen pal who wants to write me. Tell me about your day/week/month. Gossip about your neighbors. Write me about a song you’re obsessed with, or a painting you love. Good things, bad things. Shit that you don’t wanna say outloud. Snail mail’d be nice, but I’m open to email, or any other suggestions.

Okay, cool.

tumblr: kay-queue
email: kaqueue@gmail.com

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