Just a shy 27 year old artist, crafter, spaceenthusiast, stargazer, gamer, dread head, quirky and kawaii loving girl from England, UK. I’m interested in having a few SNAIL MAIL/POSTAL pen friends (FEMALES or MALES), similar aged to myself and ideally from the UK or EUROPEAN countries – although I’d be willing to mail to other areas for the right person. Romance/flirting is something I’m not looking for, as I’m lucky enough to already have found my true love, soul mate and companion in life. 

Hobbies/interests: drawing, art, crafts, music, gigs, film/cinema, theatre, anime, manga, comics, graphic novels, cooking, kawaii culture, Visual Kei, J-Rock, mental health, quality time with my partner, reading, writing, flowers, cookie dough ice-cream, different cultures, Marmite, Disney, Sanrio, astronomy, the sea, cute cuddly-ness, criminology, folklore, bunnies, cats, rats, stationery, Lego, playing video games and a whole lot more.

I’m a curious, shy and often misunderstood soul, who regularly struggles to “fit in” and connect with others – a bit of a misfit one might say. At times I often feel like the odd one out, or an outsider looking in. My introverted nature means that I tend to ask a lot of questions, enjoy deep and meaningful conversations and love to learn about anything and everything. It’s easier for me to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper rather than speaking aloud, which is one of the reasons I love to write real letters. I value the simple things in life and have little interest in the “limelight” or being the centre of attention. On a weekend I’d much prefer to be curled up lost in a book or creating something with my hands, rather than out on the town.

More than anything I want to build a REAL, HONEST, and LONG-TERM friendship where we discuss our lives and confide secrets, aspirations, hopes and dreams rather than just likes/dislikes, trivial and mundane things. In short, a TRUE, BEST FRIEND. If you’re the kind of person whose letters read like shopping lists, doesn’t have much to say, is incapable of having an intelligent conversation, never asks any questions, collects pen pals and is more interested in writing rather than the PERSON you’re actually writing to (which is easily noticeable) then we definitely won’t “click”.

If anything I’ve written above resonates with you and you think we may get along then please do contact me, so that we can exchange details and begin our lifelong friendship!

Best wishes,


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