Name      : Nipuni
Age         : 19
FROM – Sri Lanka


  • 》Travelling
  • 》Snailmailing
  • 》DIY goodies
  • 》Stamps
  • 》Postcards
  • 》Animals
  • 》Washi Tapes
  • 》Artsy/crafty things
  • 》Gardening
  • 》Cooking
  • 》Glittery things
  • 》Candles
  • 》Stickers

I’m looking to send snail mail and packages to anyone who loves sending/receiving mail! I think it’d be really cool to send mail 

If you like sending and receiving letters, stickers, little bits of art, candies, pins, photos, anything like that.

>> I’M LOOKING FOR AN 18+ PEN PAL. I would also like someone who is willing to write first, would want to send small packages on certain or random occasions

Also: this can also be a one-time-only thing! We exchange creative letters/packages once, and that’s it 🙂

So if this sounds like you, contact me 
tumblr: nipunilovelaugh), tell me a little about yourself– so we can have a little chat and find out if we’re a match!

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