Name : Berlin 

Location: USA, Texas

  • The Basics: Hi there! My name is Berlin. My friends describe me as an old soul but with child like tendencies. What does that even mean? Haha. I tend to be quite shy around a group of new people or people I’m acquainted with, but once I feel comfortable I have no shame making a fool out of myself. Essentially I’m a goof ball! I’m in the house Hufflepuff with the Meyers Briggs type INFJ. 
  • Some Likes: Mac & Cheese pizza, broccoli, animals, anime, games, cartoons, ninja turtles, Scott pilgrim versus the world, dazed and confused, rocky horror picture show, my neighbor Totoro, game of thrones, bob’s burgers, tattoos, glitter jelly shoes, stickers, mugs, classic rock, alternative, Florence and the machine
  • Some Dislikes: Rude people, complicated situations, white foods (mayo, whip cream, sour cream, feta cheese, etc.), spicy foods
  • Fun Fact! I had a naked kitty (Sphynx) before I left for college! He’s a cutie

: I’m not too picky about penpals, but I do prefer someone around my age. I’ve tried both email and snail mail pen pals but nothing has fruited from that so I’m going to try making Skype friends although I’m not opposed to snail mail. I’m looking forward to making new friends in many different locations to talk about anything & everything under the sun. 

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