Hello, my name is Nicole and I have a really bad memory.  I’m 23 years old, although it doesn’t feel like it.  I love dogs, reading, and binge watching tv shows.  I, like most people, am looking for a penpal because I’d like to meet new people.  My personality type is currently ISFJ, but I feel like that is ever-changing.

Favorite artists: Bright Eyes, The National, Alt-J, Sufjan Stevens, The Antlers, Why?, Beirut, and many more.

TV Series: iZombie, Orange is the New Black, Lost, Gilmore Girls, Community, X-Files, Daredevil, The Walking Dead, Shameless, Jane the Virgin…honestly there are so many more, this list could go on and on.

I love books and read anything from thrillers to chick-lit.

You can reach me on tumblr: twinpukes
Or Email: nicole.perozzo@yahoo.com

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