Hello! I’m resubmitting as I’d love to have a few more pen pals to write to.

Name: Alissa

Age: 24 (almost 25 – eek!)

Location: Delaware, USA

Likes: animals (especially dogs like by fur babies, Oakley and Liam), crafty things, cooking, baking, Disney, Pinterest, Netflix marathons, music, walking, exploring new places, doodling, lists, bright colored pants, Harry Potter, teaching, unsweetened black tea, Target (especially the dollar section…I could live there to be honest), sweets, reading, Legos, art, postcards, drive-thru Dunkin Donuts’ and Starbucks’, etc.

Dislikes: inconsiderate / thoughtless / disrespectful people, mosquitoes, ants, bad / aggressive drivers, when I have no dessert, winter, cabin fever, when my pups make a mess, etc.

Ideally, I’d like a pen pal anywhere in the world, age 20 – 30, that would like to write good old fashioned snail mail every 1 – 2 weeks. I have no preference on gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Sometimes I like to add trinkets (postcards, tea, etc.), but a pen pal wouldn’t need to feel obligated to do so.

Random fact: On two separate occasions, I touched Aaron Carter’s hand and I took a selfie with Rupert Grint.

Please contact me via my Tumblr:

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