Name: Hannah
Age: 17
Orientation: Bisexual
Location: California, USA
Languages Spoken: English, a LITTLE Spanish

What I’m looking for in a pen pal: Someone to cater to my every emotional whim. Jk. In all seriousness, just someone to have that supportive from afar relationship with. Sending long text messages, emails, maybe even snail mail letters. Gender or sexual orientation do not matter to me. I’m mostly looking for people within the ages of 15-21, but that isn’t a strict rule, I’m just worried that we won’t have much to talk about if our stages in life are too different. Also, it can get kind of sketchy if you’re talking to someone quite a bit older than you.

Interests: Debate team, history, politics, working out(just starting again), swimming, surfing, skiing, playing piano, playing clarinet, school, reading, biking, traveling, watching movies and tv shows, listening to music.

Contact Me:
Tumblr: hannahthehappyreverend
Kik: zazzyhannah
Insta: hanabanana56

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