Name: Ellie

: 17

: California USA

Email address:
embirthdaygirl @ gmail . com

Likes: I like to try different foods, I like to play tennis, run hurdles, play piano, ukulele, and flute, I like to read, speak French, go to the beach, and I am religious. 

: I don’t like allergies (I am too often afflicted with them) and I don’t like when people clip their nails in public. I also don’t like profanity.

What I am looking for in a pen pal: Someone who is about my age and preferably a girl. I’d love to learn about new cultures, and if you speak French that’s a plus 🙂 I hope for someone who is kind, trustworthy, and willing to share their fun experiences of life. I am going to France and Switzerland this summer so if you’re from there I would love to talk to you.

You can contact me via my email previously mentioned.

Random Fact: When I was in Mexico I got stung by a jellyfish and my brother had to pee on me! :/

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