Hello! I’m Dean from Malaysia, an Asian if u wondered. Turning 20 this Nov. I’m still in college but currently on my sem break before pursuing my bachelors this sept.

I basically seeking fr pals that i can trade stories and experiences well maybe culture or food or anything interesting abt yr country. or maybe we can share a lil secret or who’s yr crush on college. i dont rly care what age or where u from. as long as u are not prejudice, not being a bigot.

Honestly i’m an introvert, very quiet and awkward. i cant mingle well with anyone during first met in real lide. my circle of friend is small so im trying to expand it a lil bit more by finding pals across the globe.

I love game of thrones (like alot, my fav is brienne hahah), i watched pretty little liars and scream queens, i like anything cute and fancy such as art and craft, minimalist fashion. i listened to halsey, melanie martinez, twenty one pilots, troye sivans, 5sos, the vamps, little mix, bea miller. and i also love watching korean drama, but cant name any probably bcs too many to list out. when it comes to movie, i’ll basically go for drama / comedy / romance / fantasy genre (high-school-settings is my fav). im not a big fan of horror / action / sci-fi. but i do love harry potter, divergent, the hobbit. as for food, malaysian food is the best, i couldnt live without eating rice a day.

i hate attention seeking ppl apparently a friend of mine rly possess this trait.

My talent is probably being sarcastic.

U can contact me thru my skype: lestacies for now
ayemrawi @

I’m more like a chat person bcs it makes my days quite occupied bcs im more like a secluding myself from the public, so they way i earn my day is thru random chatting. and i’m a Muslim if thats matter.

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