Hi there, I’m Danny. I’m 30 years old, so I remember a time before email ( damn that makes me feel ancient!) and I’ll admit, I miss they feeling of joy when a genuine letter lands on my doorstep!

I have traveled around this world as part of my job, visiting places such as the Falkland Islands, Dubai, Brazil, Germany, the U.S.A., Tanzania and Barbados, seeing new sights, trying new foods and just basically having a great time.

I love photography and do it as part of my job now and then and have had my pictures published in trade and niche media.I also love going to comic conventions and taking photos of the attendees in their costumes, being able to appreciate the work and effort they put into their designs.

My other interests are listening to music (mainly rock, metal, punk, ska and the odd bit of pop), going to concerts and just walking out in the country.

Want to know more? My insta is burnley_sailor_85

I’m looking for a lass roughly my age, but to be honest, age doesn’t bother me.

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