Hey! I’m Sofia from Mexico City! 

I’m looking for some email buddy or tumblr messaging buddy, ‘cause I don’t have money to send snail mail, but we can be friends and when I have money we can do snail mail, 

whatever, I’m 23 and I speak english, spanish and I’m learning italian. I’m a little obssesed Star Wars girl, and I’m so sorry for my grammar mistakes.

Likes: Drawing and painting, read, music, spiritual things like reincarnation, ghosts, things like that, Star Wars, horror movies, romantic movies and Julia Roberts movies 🙂

TV Shows: Gravity falls, Sailor moon, Parks&rec, OITNB, Breaking Bad, and many more

Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Selena Quintanilla, moreeeeeeee…..

So my e-mail is martinezg. sofiai @ yahoo . com
My tumblr is

I hope you write me 🙂

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