Hey guys!!

ey! My name is Lauren, I am 16( turning 17, August 27) and I currently live in the US, California. Im going to be senior in high school next semester so thats super exciting haha.

(if you would like to see other pictures of me: )

Im really just looking for someone who will talk to me all the time, we have some of the same interests like music, tv shows, movies, and we just laugh all the time and send dumb tumblr posts and memes to. I like a lot of old r&b, old rap, and underground rap like MF Doom, Stevie Wonder, and Lauryn Hill. I also loveee alternative and indie music like Fun. and Alt J. My ALL TIME FAVORITE TV show would have to be The Walking Dead, so if your looking for someone to talk about it, im ya girl haha.I also love  the shows: Dexter, Parks and Rec, The Office, Sons Of Anarchy, The Boondocks, Breaking Bad, Bobs Burgers, and all of the 2000’s cartoon network shows haha( i love cartoons). Im super chill and basically can talk about anything 

I am also looking for a friend who we can be open to talk about a lot of things happening in the world. I have no preference on if you are a guy or a girl, I invite everyone to talk to me no matter their gender or sexual orientation. It would be nice if you were from the ages of 16-20. If you are racist/ prejudice in anyway please don’t contact me lol

If you you would like to become friends, feel free contacting me at anytime, im usually always free :)) I also have a bunch of platforms to talk on so feel free to just ask!!!

my tumblr:

twitter:@ llaurrn


looking forward to hearing from you guys!!

much love


ps. i wont just stop talking to you after the first day 🙂

(i know how that feels)

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