Hey there! My name is Mieke, I’m 26, engaged and I’m from Belgium. 

I’m looking for snail mail pen pals all around the world, between the ages of 20 & 40, English or Dutch speaking. I’m fluent in those two languages but I can work my way around in French as well and I’m currently learning German.

I’m open to exchanging little gifts or packages from time to time as well, depending on the cost. 

I like: reading, blogging, writing, crafting, music

I dislike: vomit(ing) => emetophobia, spiders => aragnophobia, lying, cheating and abuse

My music taste literally includes everything from classical to death metal. It all depends on my mood. Favourite bands/singers/composers are: Sonata Arctica, Yann Tiersen, Snollebollekes, Lindsey Stirling & Robbie Williams.

Random fact: I’m addicted to notebooks, washi tape and pens. I kind of collect them and love to use them (if I dare to, that is).

You can contact me on my tumblr
or via email: miepke99 @ gmail . com

Hope to hear from you soon!

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