Silvia, from Spain, looking for a penpal.


Hi there, My name is Silvia, I’m turning 20 in August, I’m from Madrid, Spain [born and raised] and I’m looking for a penpal. 

I’d like to talk to people from any part of the world, ages from 16 to 25. I’m fluent in Spanish and English and I also speak a little bit of german, which I wouldn’t mind practicing. I’m basically up to anything, so I’d like snail mail, email, whatsapp and sending packages would be awesome. 

Likes. I love tv shows. My fave rn is Grey’s anatomy, but I also like The Mindy Project, Scandal, Girls, and as for books and movies, Harry Potter holds the key to my heart. So yeah, tv, movies and books, although I also enjoy photography [I got a camera for christmas and I’d love to share some pics with you], reading, writing, and of course I love music.

Dislikes. People who obsess with their phones, really warm weather, spiders, racists and sexists.

Contact me via email [ marisilvi35 @ hotmail . com] or my inbox in tumblr [ ].

Random fact! I have an American accent talking in English due to all the time spent watching movies and tv shows. I love it though. 

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