Hi everyone! My name is Gerda, I’m from Estonia and I’m 19 years old.

Books and tv-series are my passion and I’m a huge coffee lover, spending many evenings in a café reading a book. I do some sports and work besides school, in fact I am about to graduate high school now. I love to communicate with people. The Neighbourhood, Green Day, Simple Plan and Coldplay are some of my favourite bands, but there are plenty of other great bans as well.

I don’t like superficial and intolerant people. I really hate spiders, probably because when I was five, my big brother chased me with spiders that he caught just for that reason.

I could snail mail, e-mail or write on Tumblr, it really doesn’t matter. I’d prefer to write with anyone in the age range of 16-25 and from all around the world. You can contact me about anything, concerning problems around the world or your personal problems, I am a good listener. I have been studying Swedish extensively for 3 years now so if you are from Sweden or can speak Swedish, feel free to contact me, that would only make me happy.

You can contact me via my tumblr url
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or via my e-mail address ( gerduliina @ )

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