hiya!! my name is sunshine and i definitely want at least 5 pen pals and your age and gender can be whatever because everyone is equal to me!!

im 17 (18 in august)(class of 2k16)
im a photographer/videographer, ive been with my boyfriend for 2 years, & i recently became vegetarian

Location: Savannah, Georgia

things i like: EARL GREY TEA, photography, rainy day cuddles, picnics, over sized tshirts, black licorice, cute socks, baking, typing in lowercase, sad poetry, and i do smoke but not tobacco (ur typical tumblr girl)

im not a huge music listener tbh butt i do love every type of music!

things i dislike: me lol, being alone, nightmares, big scary dogs, most insects, my family, and driving over bridges

if u wanna be my pen pal or check out what im like my stuff is below!
tumblr: myradicaldadical
instagram: sadlittlesun
snapchat: sunshine.louise
(message me for my email!!)

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