Hi everyone! Looking for a Penpal! :). Someone with similar interests to fan girl with.

Name: Jessica (or Jess)
Age: 28
Country: Georgia, USA
Gender: Female
Languages: English only. I would love to learn other languages though
Interests/Hobbies: corgis, drawing, video games, figure collecting, anime, manga, cosplay, crafts/DIY projects, comics, abjds, anything cute (San-X, Pusheen), Plush collecting, Disney, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Jpop, Kpop, Japanese horror, cryptozoology, supernatural/creepy stories, fantasy/scifi(Star Wars), watching Netflix( The Office, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, South Park, Family Guy, The League etc.), Game of Thrones, animals/nature..
Personal message: I’m married but no kids yet ;). My friends all moved away to start their adult lives so I’m pretty lonely now. My husband and I have different hobbies so I need someone to talk nerd with. I feel like an old maid at 28 but I’m a kid at heart (if you couldn’t tell already XD) so a younger penpal is just fine. I would really like someone who is also artistic. I love to do sketches and what not for friends so being able to trade art would be fun!
Contact info (email or Tumblr): tomthepiper.tumblr or
Countries: Any! I would love to learn about different cultures. Fellow Americans are most welcome as well.
Gender: Any
Age group: 20-40
Email, snail mail or both: Both, but mostly snail mail! Cute stationary and art trades are the shit.
Anything else: Don’t be afraid to give me a holler 😉

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