Hi! My name is Sam and I’m 22 years old, living in central Indiana in the U.S. 

My likes include: Supernatural, X-Files, fantasy novels (though any books really), political activism, space, and traveling. Also a huge fan of twenty one pilots, Halsey, Panic! At the Disco, and Death Cab for Cutie. Music is great, let’s send each other mix CDs (or spotify playlists, whatever works). 

My dislikes include: willful ignorance, judgmental people, and spiders. 

I’m looking for a snail mail pen-pal, but would also accept an email or instant messaging friend on kik or skype. I only speak English well, but could attempt to make it through sending a letter to someone who spoke French (I took five years of it, I could make do). Sending little things through the mail would be fun too, but I understand that shipping can be expensive so no pressure there. 

My email is sjademayotte @ hotmail . com

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