looking for long term friendships


Name: Nayab

Location: Scotland

Age: 15 (year 10/sophomore)

music: Punk rock, alternative rock and indie. Bands like A/DC , the killers, the 1975, artic monkeys, fall out boy, Nirvana, two door cinema club, kids in glass houses, blink 182, G easy, halsey, melanie Martinez, Lana Del Ray, David Bowie and way more

TV shows: Teen wolf, vampire diaries, Sherlock, Doctor Who, American horror stories, the 100, and more I cant think of.

Films: Deadpool, Disney movies, harry potter, comedies because well why not?

“Perfect” penpal: Some one who is open minded, ages between 14-17, I will talk to anyone even if we don’t have similar interests, someone who is willing to talk more then a couple of emails. someone who is willing to snapchat or WhatsApp each other every now and then.

Dislikes: Racist, sexist, homophobic, close minded and generally mean people, peas (ew..)

Interests: I love art, photography and long walks. I like vintage things, travelling, watching movies, hanging out with friends, swimming, playing the piano. I have a habit of randomly singing a song in the middle of a conversation.

Random fact about me: I have a twin brother

email: nayabshah250@gmail.com

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